H & H Builders LLC Reviews

H & H Builders LLC Reviews

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Sun Jun 07 2015
H & H takes absolute pride and confidence with their work. I witness a lot of major projects drag on forever. It's gratifying to see such a big plan come together so efficently and right on schedule. You will be extremely satisfied with everything H & H can do. They truly do improve lives.

Pat M
Wed Apr 01 2015
H & H Builders took a tiny, two bedroom, one car garage house and transformed it. I did not think it could be done, but I absolutely love my house. I went with H & H Builders because I wanted it done right. We knew what to expect going into the project, and we got exactly what we wanted. They did a really amazing job, and we're so happy.

Sun Mar 15 2015
Thank you for your attention and professionalism dealing with the multiple projects in our home. You and your team have been wonderful!

Cathy C.
Sun Nov 02 2014
I feel fortunate to have had H&H as my builder. I never had a moment's concern that things weren't being done right, that problems were not properly addressed, or that I wasn't being listened to. I paid a little bit more, and it was a painless process.

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